About ECO Papers

Company Name: The Eco Papers (Pvt) Limited
Year of Establishment: July 24th, 2001
Date of acquisition by EDNA Group: September 2012

Eco Papers (Pvt) Limited is a BOI registered company. Factory is located in the free trade zone Horana. Edna Group took over this company with the intention to redevelop and revamp the existing machinery utilizing expertise in the paper-manufacturing sector. Furthermore, this acquisition is in line with EDNA Group’s vision of helping Sri Lanka achieve Sustainable Development though Green Projects. The main ingredients for the manufacture of paper would be waste paper. Eco Papers would contribute towards the betterment of our environment whereby waste paper is reused and minimize the destruction of forest with ultimate aim for a better world to live in. The modern machinery operates at lower rate of energy consumption. The factory is equipped with modern-state-of-art machinery and has the capacity to manufacture 40 tons of kraft paper, medium paper and paperboards. “Eco Papers “ would undoubtedly help all corrugated carton manufacturers to take advantage of competitive price and savings. To collect raw materials, a systematic, well-planned collection arrangement of waste paper would be adopted.