About Ceylon Paper Sacks

Company Name: Ceylon Paper Sacks Ltd (CPS)
Year of Establishment: 1964

Ceylon Paper Sacks Ltd is the, pioneer in the manufacture of multi walled Kraft paper sacks in Sri Lanka  commencing its operations  in the year 1964. In 1999 Ceylon Paper Sacks Ltd became a subsidiary of “Edna Group” (www.ednagroup.com) which has within its coverage thirty seven business units ranging from Packaging & Printing, Manufacturing of Adhesives, Chocolates, Confectionary & Cocoa Products Manufacturing, Engineering and Distribution of FMCG products and Pharmaceuticals.
Initially Ceylon Paper Sacks Ltd started making Paper Sacks for edible food, animal feed, mineral sands, crap rubber, carbon products etc., the initiative was taken to diversify its attention to the tea industry in introducing the multiwall Kraft paper sack “ safe T sack” as the alternative packaging for the high price of tea chest.

In the early eighties Ceylon Paper Sacks Ltd replaced the traditional plywood tea chest with a cost effective multi wall paper sacks, which is today is the only packaging material used in the tea industry, it acclaimed many awards including the prestigious world star award in 1991.

In the early nineties it commissioned a state of the art sack making plant especially to manufacture cement sacks with an installed capacity of 100 million sacks annually

In early 2000, State of the art fully automated manufacturing sack plant was commissioned at Grand pass, Colombo using world renowned machinery from Windmoeller & Hoelscher, Germany & New Long, Japan mainly for the manufacture of high quality multiwall paper sacks for cement and tea.  This is the only manufacturing plant is Sri Lanka that is fully automated (including automatic tubing, bottoming and pasting). The plant is capable of manufacturing 200 sacks per minute and this is the only high output product line available in Sri Lanka. Due to this reason we can offer the quickest turnaround time in the industry with consistent high quality. Current installed capacity is approximately 70 million sacks and consumes 13,250 metric tons of paper annually.

Tea Sacks
•    This pioneering initiative taken by Ceylon Paper Sacks Ltd, has facilitated the tea industry in saving over billions of rupees in reduction in their packaging costs.
•    Ceylon Paper Sacks Ltd, through extensive research introduced the “Safe T Sack (1120 x 720 x 180)” Patent number 6377 for the packing of broken tea grades as per the UK/USA Tea Association packaging guidelines.
•    Over time with the change of manufacture & increase of Leafy tea grades as per market requirements the “Junior Container Sack (1110 x 500 x 200)” Patent number 10240 became our product contribution to fulfill this need.
•    A high speed extrusion & cold glue lamination unit is used for the lamination of the inner most barrier ply using Aluminium Foil or Metalized Polyester in tea sacks to retain the uniqueness of quality & the Aroma of tea, whilst serving against intrusion of moisture.
•    Other products are three & four ply of standard sack Kraft paper with the inner most ply laminated to Metalized Polyester or Aluminum Foil, of size 1120 x 720 x 180 mm; 790 x 660 x 190mm and 660 x 610 x 190mm  

•    Ceylon Paper sacks whilst serving the Sri Lankan tea Industry, currently undertake exports of sacks to India, Indonesia, South Africa, Dubai and Malawi.
•    Since the commencement of exports in the year 2006, over 4.5 million sacks have being exported to the above destinations.
•    With the increased capacity in our plants we are now expanding our exports to the African Continent.

Cement Sacks
We are the leading manufacturer in Sri Lanka. Our prestigious clientele includes cement manufacturers such as Holcim, Tokoyo Cement, Itali Cement, UltraTech and Lafarge Cements.

Certification and Awards
The company has been assessed & certified for ISO 22000: 2005 and ISO 9001:2008.

Ceylon Paper Sacks Ltd is the recipient of the prestigious Packaging Awards such as “Lanka Star 1990”, “Asian Star 1990” and “Word Star 1991”.

Environment Friendly Products
Eco friendly (No wastage, No hazard and No toxic or chemical contamination)
Recyclable (Prime quality wood fiber materials and Sustainable forestry products)
Biodegradable (Paper is totally biodegradable)