Core Pipes


This business unit was established in 1988 with the aim of developing environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging solutions. During this short period we have won 17 LANKA STAR Awards for packaging Excellence (Gold 7 and 1 Silver).  Furthermore, we have also been nominated for the ASIA STAR and WORLD STAR awards. In addition we have won the “Productivity Awards” in succession as on the top eight manufacturing organizations in the country for productivity increases.

As Eco-Friendly Recyclable packaging solutions taking priority, traditional metal and plastic containers are becoming less favorable among the consumers. Even glass containers (although recyclable) are not very popular because of its weight, fragility and long recycle path. Our products are Lightweight, Strong and Environmentally friendly.

Product/ Service portfolio

Composite Cans
Paper Tubes
Papers Cores
Industrial Packaging

Major Customers

Imperial Tea Exports
Hyson Teas (Pvt) Ltd
Empire Teas (Pvt) Ltd
Amazon Tea (Pvt) Ltd
Textured Jersey Lanka (Pvt) Ltd
Intisse Lanka (Pvt) Ltd
Print Care
Superfine Teas (Pvt) Ltd
Lankem Ceylon PLC
Polytec Marketing (Pvt) Ltd