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Edna Chocolate unveils Couverture Cooking Chocolate

Edna Chocolates

launched its latest addition – Cocoa Butter Cooking Chocolate – to its wide range of chocolate products. Made from premium cocoa butter, the smooth-textured cooking chocolate has a luxurious flavour and intense taste which make for the creation of delicious chocolate delicacies. Edna Cocoa Butter Cooking Chocolate is now available at supermarkets and leading grocery stores in 180-gram domestic packs and one-kilo industrial packs.


Edna Cooking and Industrial Chocolate (Grade A and B)

Edna Cooking and Industrial Chocolate (Grade A and B)


Below is a table of the Edna Cooking Chocolate handling guide.

Temperature Condition Cooking Grade B Cooking Grade A
Storage Temp 15-18OC 15-18OC
Best Room Temp 20-22OC 18-21OC
Ideal Working Temp 30-33OC 30-34OC
Melting Temp 48-53OC 45-50OC