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Edna adds chocolate covered raisins to its sachet range

Edna chocolates introduces chocolate covered raisins.

Edna chocolate adds a new sachet Chocky Fruit. – Juicy raisins covered in creamy milk chocolate, to complement its already popular sachet market, ‘’People love the taste of raisin, we
covered raisins with another; peoples favourite, smooth milk chocolate’’ said Edna marketing spokesmen, Navin Devasiri. ‘’we have been looking to add another sachet to complement the existing popular Edna Sachets and Chocky Fruit was the ideal product to fill that gap’’.

Made using the highest quality ingredients, Edna’s Chocky Fruit is smooth chocolate blended with the Raisins. Enjoy a mouthful of Chocky Fruit and relish the chocolate taste with a burst of surgery sweetness.

Fans can visit the Edna Chocolate Facebook page, (www.facebook/edna.chocolate) to learn more.