AD-4212C Analog to Digital Converter


AD-4212C Electromagnetic Weighing Sensor with an Integrated Analog to Digital Converter

Fastest A&D Production Weighing Systems. Measure 1mg resolution with 0.5 second response time. Sensor only version connects straight to PC or PLC. IP65 protected.


  • Weighing capacity Precision range 51g
  • Weighing capacity Standard range 320g
  • Minimum weighing value Precision range 0.0001g
  • Minimum weighing value Standard range 0.001g
  • Stabilization time (when set to FAST under a good environment) Precision range 1.3 sec.
  • Standard range 1.0 sec.
  • Repeatability (Standard deviation) Precision range 0.0002g
  • Repeatability (Standard deviation) Standard range 0.001g
  • Linearity ±0.002g
  • Sensitivity drift (10 °C to 30 °C) ±2 ppm/ °C
  • Weighing pan 50 mm × 50 mm


  • Fast stabilization (just 0.5 sec. at 1 mg and 1.3 sec. at 0.1 mg)
  • High precision weighing (from 0.1 mg resolution)
  • Slim size (59 mm width) for installation in narrow spaces