Brecknell, part of Avery Weigh-Tronix, a proud member of the Illinois Tool Works(ITW) company, celebrated 250 years of
customer commitment and history in 2011. Founded in 1761, Brecknell has grown to become a global leader in weighing
solutions. Brecknell products are designed and constructed with focus on high-value solutions and accuracy for easy operation for
all your Medical Health and Veterinary application.


Brecknell HS-200M Physician Scale with Height Measuring


  • For use where either weight or height measurements are necessary 
  • Easy to read linear beams in bold marking Dual Marked in Kilograms / Pounds
  • Capacity 200 kg x 100 g, 440 lb x 4 oz
  • Height measure from 60 cm to 210 cm x 0.1 cm
  • Accurate Full Range Weights
  • Constructed of steel with a durable white finish
  • Rollers Included for Easy Transport

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Becknell CS-200M Mechanical Chair Scale


  • Designed for weighing those who have difficultly standing on their own
  • Easy to read linear beams in bold marking Dual Marked in Kilograms / Pounds
  • Locking Rear Wheels for Safety
  • The chair is oversized for comfort with arms and footrest that lift away for easy access
  • Swivel Front Wheels for Easy Transport
  • Capacity 200 kg x 100 g, 440 lb x 4 oz
  • Powder coated steel construction

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Becknell 235-6S Hanging type Baby Scale


  • Accuracy of ± 1 division
  • Capacity of up to 25 kg x 100g or 56lb X 40z
  • Sturdy construction makes the equipment durable
  • Portable and apt for use in remote areas
  • Clear polymer switch cover keeps out dirt and dust
  • Dual markings in kg and pounds ensure ease of use
  • Suitable for use at hospital or home
  • Standard packing includes stainless steel hooks and two sets of trouser-like slings

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Brecknell MS-50M Mechanical Baby Scale


  • Heavy base and large tray make possible safe weighing of even jumpy infants
  • Heavy duty metal base contributing to safe usage
  • Precision lever system ensures accuracy of measurements
  • The sturdy removable ABS plastic tray can be cleaned easily
  • Capacity 62 kg x 20 g (135 lb x 1 oz)
  • Weighing Pan size 375 mm (L) x 275 mm (W)
  • Powder coated steel body is sturdy and elegant

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Brecknell MS-10 Dial type Baby Scale


  • Simple, hand-held infant scale
  • Comes with reusable sling to weigh infants
  • ‘hold’ function that helps keep the reading even after the weight is removed
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean
  • ABS plastic weighing tray 545 mm (L) x 254 mm (W) or 21” x 10” tray makes comfortable for weighing infants
  • Capacity 20 kg x 100 g or 44 lb x 0.2 lb
  • Made of sturdy powder coated steel

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Brecknell PS1000 – Livestock Scale


  • Rugged steel with tread plate surface protects animals and handlers from accidental slips and falls
  • Adjustable foot pads allow scale to work effectively on uneven floors
  • Capable of withstanding 150% capacity of weight without damaging the scale
  • Capacity 500 kg x 0.2 kg(1,000 lb x 0.5 lb), 1000 kg x 0.5 kg(2.000 lb x 1.0 lb)
  • There are no installation costs and no moving parts that require maintenance or adjustment
  • The Scale weighs only 28kg(60lbs) , two easy access carry handles makes this scale convenient to relocate 
  • No need for ramps or recessed floors, as this unit comes with ramped ends
  • Accomplishes a multitude of weighing jobs: livestock, pets,feed carts , and more

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