AVERY WEIGHBRIDGE E1205 Digital Indicator

Weighbridges Equipped with E1205 Digital Indicator

Advanced multi-function indicator, suitable for the most complex industrial weighing applications
Alpha-numeric keypad (plus PS/2 keyboard interface) features 5 function keys and 300 PLUs for easier operation of most popular applications
Graphical display, presents information in the most relevant format
Connects to a wide range of analogue load cells – maximum 16 load cells with optional second scale support
IP54 rated, dust resistant plastic case, suitable for desk, wall or pole mounting


  • Sensitive to weight signal
  • Scale capacity
  • Number of divisions and increment size
  • Zero / back balance
  • Customer sight gravity factions
  • Ten points for linearity correction to ensure maximum accuracy
  • Scale ID Number (with alpha numeric)
  • Subtotal and Grand Total information
  • Time & Date (Two or Four digit year battery back)