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About Ceylon Weighing Machines Limited

About Ceylon Weighing Machines Limited

Ceylon weighing Machines Limited is the leading Weighing equipment and solutions provider in Sri Lanka which consists of Nine Branches Island wide and all include in-house dynamic, well trained service engineers and technicians. We guarantee to provide standard weighing equipment by working with country authorities such as Department of Measurements Units Standards & Services and world bodies. In addition we provide a spectrum of value added services together with our local and overseas technical partners. 


In 1931 W & T Avery Limited of Birmingham England opened a Branch in Sri Lanka (the country was then known as Ceylon) with one Expertise Manager and two Sri Lankan employees.

During that time, the company in England was manufacturing a wide range of mechanical scales to suit every weighing application. The range covered mechanical, retail scales, light and heavy industrial scales, mechanical road vehicle Weigh bridges and railway weigh bridges. The Avery branch in Sri Lanka therefore imported and supplied all the needs of the agriculture sector (including the tea and the rubber plantation) and all the requirements of the commercial sector.
On 5th June 1975, the local branch of the British company of W & T Avery Limited was incorporated in to a local rupee company named Ceylon Weighing Machines Limited.
In October 1989 the EDNA Group of Companies acquired the local share holding of Ceylon Weighing Machines Limited. With this take over, the chairman of the EDNA Group. 
Mr. Lal Edirisinghe was appointed as the chairman of Ceylon Weighing Machines Limited. 
With the take over of EDNA Group of Companies, tremendous improvements were effected in the sphere of staffing and infrastructure.
Other improvements were setting up of an Electronic Technical Support Center to assist the Sales and Service Division to improve the weighing system business develop weight basic software solution, improvement of quality and innovation and assist the sales department to give weighing solution to customers.

A dedicate weighbridge technical team equipped with a truck carrying 20 Tones of weights for calibration of weighbridges.