We bring forth an extensive variety of industrial platform scales that are characterized by high efficiencies and complete reliability in service. These platform industrial scales have robust mechanical structure, which make them perfect for variegated industrial applications. Superior technology used in the platform scales improves their consistency and accuracy.


Bench Scale

for maximum efficiency in industrial applications

Using  a METTLER TOLEDO portable or bench scale for fast and accurate weighing, mixing, counting and check weighing speeds up your process and increases profitability. METTLER TOLEDO portable and bench scales are ingress protected up to IP69k for heavy wash down to suit any industrial environment. Boasting small footprints and capacities from 0.6 to 600 kg and verified resolution of up to 60,000e, our products provide you innovative weighing functions for maximum efficiency with less operator effort.

 Feature Model
2Kg – 10Kg
5Kg – 20Kg
10kg – 30Kg
50Kg – 60Kg
 Display LED
 Display digit    color Yellow
 Pattern  approval No
 Key Pad
Tare, Zero, Print, Function, Clear, On/Off
 Capacity(s)  2Kg – 10Kg 5Kg – 20Kg  10kg – 30Kg 50Kg – 60Kg
 Division(s) 2g 2g 5g  10g
 Rechargeable Battery backup
Back up Time
18 Hours
Printer / Computer Connectivity
Power Supply External
Pan Size in mm (W x D) 300mm x 350mm



Platform Scale

 Feature Model
Wildcat – 150Kg
Wildcat – 300Kg Wildcat – 600Kg Wildcat Fully Stainless Steel – 150/300Kg
 Display LED
 Display digit    color Yellow
 Rechargeable Battery backup
 Back up time
18 Hours
 Capacity(s)  150Kg 300Kg 600Kg 150Kg / 300Kg
 Division(s) 50g 100g  150g  50g / 100g
Printer / Computer  Connection Yes
Tare, Zero, Print, Clear, On/Off
Pan Size in mm (W x D) 420mm x 550mm 650mmx 650mm 600mm x 800mm 420mm x 550mm
Power Supply

Floor Scale

Our floor scales are designed to be used in tough industrial environments. Renowned for their strength, reliability and accuracy, Our scales have stood the test of time in harsh environments.  All of our scales are easy to install, use and maintain. Floor scales are available in a range of sizes, capacities and prices to suit every application. Available in Capacities from 600 kg to 5,000 kg and Length from 700mm X 700mm to 2.5m X 2.5m. Any other platform size or capacity can be supplied to suit specific requirement with made of Mild Steel, Fully Stainless Steel or Galvanized.
Special Portable Platforms are also suited for specialized environments, like heavy wash down or explosive atmospheres.
Our floor scales can be paired with a range of indicators, software and accessories for a complete weighing and data management solution.

Dimensions Capacity / Division
1m x 1m 1000kg / 200g
1m x 1.2m 1000kg / 200g
1.2m x 1.2m 1000kg / 200g
1.2m x 1.5m 1000kg / 500g
1.5m x 1.5m 1500kg / 500g
2m x 2m 2000kg / 500g
2.5m x 2.5m 5000kg / 1kg