TC II Counting Scale

High precision counting, with automatic APW enhancement. Check weighing & check quantity function. Counting by sampling and unit weight key in. Large and bright LED display. Easy to operate and maintain. Display resolution selectable. Power supply: AC adapter. 6v/ 5Ah rechargeable battery

 Feature Model
TC II  – 3Kg TC II – 6Kg TC II – 15Kg TC II – 30Kg
 Display LED
 Display digit    color Red
 Pattern  approval Industrial Use
 Environment 0~40 C  , RH < 90%(non-condensing)
 Capacity(s)  3Kg  6Kg  15Kg  30Kg
 Division(s)  0.1g  0.2g  1g  1g
 Computer  Connection RS 232 Interface
 Power supply     Adopter,Output 9VDC/500ma

(Re-Chargeable Storage Battery Available )

 Pan diameter     340mm X 240mm


  • Applications
    For high volume counting of components and parts. For weigh checking, inventory control. Applicable for electronic, plastic, metal stamping, machining parts etc.


Damp Proof – Cub Scales

The Mettler Toledo Cub desk top scale is a wash proof and dust proof scale designed to deliver superb results under tough working conditions. Cub is easy to operate, using two simple keys for all functions. Dual display design increases your productivity as two operators can work simultaneously. The Cub balance can be operated even if the power is out , utilizing the backup battery pack that provides power to keep you going for up to 10 hours. The Cub is ideal in dusty or damp environments where you need a highly accurate scale that is built to last. Cub Bench Scale from METTLER TOLEDO, the world’s most trusted brand in weighing .

 Feature Model
Cub – 1.5Kg Cub – 3Kg Cub – 7.5Kg Cub – 15Kg
 Display LED, Dual Display
 Display digit    color Red
 Pattern  approval Yes
 Environment -5°C 40°C, Normal or damp environment , humidity ≤ 100%
 Capacity(s)  0.75 – 1.5Kg
1.5 – 3Kg 3-7.5Kg  7.5 – 15Kg
 Division(s) 0.5g / 1g
 1g / 2g
 2g / 5g
 5g / 10g
 Computer  Connectivity g,lb
 Power supply     Adopter,Output 9VDC/500mA

(Re-Chargeable Storage Battery Available )

 Pan diameter     180mm X 220mm


Paint Mixing Scale – Panda

Precision paint mixing for automotive refinishing

Mixing colors for automotive refinish applications requires precision. If a color is even a little off, the results can be disappointing. Precision paint-mixing scales from METTLER TOLEDO make the job quick and easy. Specifically designed for professional use in automotive body shops and repair centers, our paint-mixing scales help you to mix the right shade every time.

 Feature Model
Panda 7.1Kg
Weighing Capacity
LCD, Backlit, Height : 12mm
 Temperature Range
5°C – 35°C
 Stabilization Time
Approx 1.0 second
 Weighing Units
G,OZ,P ( 1 Part = 1/32 OZ )
 Computer  Connectivity RS 232 Interface
 Power supply Via Adopter 15V , 250mA
 Pan Diameter   Diameter 232 mm


Pallet Truck Scale

The  Pallet Truck Scale is a rugged and cost-effective solution and features a dependable terminal including a large, easily visible display and efficient keyboard. It is a perfect fit for any warehouse, where precise and mobile weighing is crucial.
Highly visible   Display – Excellent readability under any light condition thanks to a large LCD display with adjustable   white backlight. Ergonomic Full Function Handle  -Easy to lift – Easy to move – Easy to weigh, Effortless Steering The high quality wheels allows for easy riding also over uneven surfaces

 Feature Model
Pallet Truck
 Lifting Capacity
 Weighing Range
 Power Supply
6V Dc, 10Ah, Operating Time : 55-60h Charging Time : 8-12h
 Temperature Range
-10 °C -+ 40°C
 Single Fork Width
180 mm
 Lifting Height
115 mm
 Fork Height , Lowered / Raised
85mm / 200mm
 Battery 6VDC , 10Ah, Operating time: 55-60h Charging time : 8-12h


Hanging Scale / Crane Scale

Our Crane scales offers a strong, safe solution for weighing heavy, suspended loads in industrial settings such as shipping and
Production operations. Ruggedly constructed, This features robust metal die-cast housing, plated steel hook and sturdy, oversized shackle. A remote control allows scale operation from a safe distance. LED display readings are highly
Visible in any lighting conditions, including outdoors. The hold function retains the value on the display after the item is removed from the scale, allowing time for the operator to record the weight.

 Feature Model
Crane Scale
 Capacity 1 T / 2 T / 5 T / 10 T
 Weighing Range
1 / 2 / 5 Kg
 Power Supply
6V7AH Lead Acid Battery
 Temperature Range
-10°C -+ 50°C
 Remote Control Power
 Remote Control Distance
15 m
 Stable Time
Less than 10 Second
 Accuracy Class
111  ( NTEP Approved )



 PMB 53 Moisture Balances

50g x 0.001g / 0.01%

  • USB host for memory card and USB I/O interface, RS 232 Interface,  Built -in memories for storing products & Settings. 3 Settings for heating Sample, ramp up, step & standard, Automatic test start setting for when the lid is closed, Pan lifter to easily remove sample, Large backlit display with dual text prompts, Security locking slot for Kensington type lock and cable.