Cocoa Mass / Liquor

Cocoa liquor is considered the heart of chocolate. It’s the smooth liquor that results from roasting and grinding of cocoa beans and is the basis of all chocolates.  Our Natural Cocoa Liquor is a dark brown that is made from the finest quality cocoa beans from West Africa. With the experience we have acquired over the years we are able to preserve the rich taste of pure cocoa.

Physical and Chemical Specifications
Fat : 53–54%
pH : 5.5–5.8
Moisture : 1.0% max
Particle size : 96–99% (through a 75 micron screen)
% Shell in Nib : 1.0% max

Microbiological Specifications
Total plate count : < 5000 CFU/g
Moulds : < 10 CFU/g
Yeasts : < 10 CFU/g
Coliforms : < 10 CFU/g
E. coli in 10g : Absent
Salmonellae in 250G : Absent

Storage Conditions
The product must be stored at temperatures between 20–22ºC. The relative humidity must be 50% or less. The product must be placed in a zone that allows appropriate air circulation, and must not be exposed to direct sunlight.

Shelf Life
12 months from date of manufacture.

25 Kg net weight in 5 ply corrugated box with an internal PE nontoxic bag (thickness: 50 µm)

Cocoa liquor is the key raw material for milk and dark chocolate. Other applications include ice cream, ice cream coatings, chocolate drinks, desserts, and bakery products.